Kitec Repiping Las Vegas

Does your Las Vegas house need repiping because it was built with Kitec fittings and the dezincification which leads to accelerated corrosion in the brass fittings? Call our licensed and insured plumbers, the BBB A+ rated Silverstate plumbing, at 702-924-2815.

Clark County Nevada homeowners are grappling with a serious plumbing problem. Many of the homes build in the past decade have water line pipe where the fittings are made by Kitec®.

The alleged pipe problem is with Kitec’s brass fittings, not with the pipe. its not a matter of if the water lines will leak or burst, its when will it happen. When it lets go there will be catastrophic damage to your structure and belongings.

Dezincification of Fittings

The plumbing problem exists in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City because of the problematic mineral content of the local water supply combining with the high level of zinc in the brass pipe fitting. There is a chemical reaction that causes a process called dezincification which leads to accelerated corrosion in the brass fittings when exposed to oxygen and water. The zinc leaches out of the fitting and begins blocking the flow of water. That leads to leaks, blocked pipes, restricted water flow

Re-piping: The Bottom Line

It’s just a matter of time before you Kitec® fittings fail. Will it be while you are at work? On vacation? The result will be severe water damage. This piping can not be repaired by a Las Vegas plumber. If your home has it your property will be devalued (like you really need that since you are upside down / under water already), you cost of insurance will increase and may be canceled. Call the Kitec Repiping Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City plumber now to schedule an appointment.

Full Service Plumber

Keep in mind that we are a full service plumber serving all your residential and commercial needs in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. You or your neighbors have used us in the past to replace a leaking water heater or clear a clogged drain line.

We still do gas lines and can repair your toilet and sewer lines. Call our number 24/7 for emergency service. Our talented pool pf plumbers is on call nights and weekends to better serve you.

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